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Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts

Avon have a range of perfect Mother’s Day gifts that are sure to leave a smile on the face of that special one this year.

Mother’s Day in the UK is on March 11, 2018, so why not be super organised and purchase your Mother’s Day gifts online in time for the big day.

Whether you’re looking for beauty, fashion or home gifts, Avon have the lot.

Take a look at the range below and click to buy!

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Eva Mendes is back with 3 gorgeous new perfumes .

The new discovery collection perfumes are stunning. It’s so difficult to pick between the 3 gorgeous scents,



This is a must have I just love it !!

With room for her tablet , notebook , purse ,and make up so she can go from desk to dinner with ease . Branded plaque ,shoulder strap with chain detail  ,studded finish






Sparkling Studs 

New Addison Earring Gift Set -Set of 12 pierced stud earrings in a gift box


NEW Wellbeing Pebble Water Feature 

The sound of tranquillity .

“I love this water feature .It’s perfect for bringing the peace and tranquillity of the outdoors into my home ”

.Fill with water ,sit back and relax watch the water cascading over the stones






NEW Revitalising bamboo votives 

Light up your life

A relaxing candle light with a soothing scent and thoughtful sentiment ,l for the ultimate night in . Each burns for up to 16 hours , scented votives with uplifting notes of green bamboo, cool cucumber and white freesia .











                                                         BROCHURE 4 HIGHLIGHTS 
When you’ve finished browsing the online brochures, you can place your order quickly by shopping by product or product number from my online store. Please make sure the campaign brochure is still valid, last order date for Campaign 4 is Thursday 1st February and will be delivered to customers From Thursday 8th February


Not only has Avon launched their incredible new range of Advance Techniques Professional Haircare, they have also got a load of goodies that will see you through the ‘moody months’ too

Firstly, let me tell you more about a product range that is going to completely change your your (hair) life!

Avon’s Advance Techniques

The Avon’s Advance Techniques range that launches in the brochure campaign 4 2018, is a game-changing densifying treatment for day-to-night volume.

Avon’s new haircare range revitalises limp, lifeless hair for a fuller, thicker look.

Read the incredible benefits:

•It increases hair’s volume
• Makes hair looks and feels denser
• hair instantly looks and feels thicker with each use
• Your hair looks fuller, thicker & shinier• revitalises limp, lifeless hair
• Will help hair looks fuller & smoother
• Also hair looks and feels stronger & more resilient with each use
• Can make hair and scalp look and feel healthy
•Makes  scalp feels moisturised


Advance Techniques Miracle Densifier Conditioner Revitalises limp ,lifeless hair for a fuller look


• Using 1-2 pumps for shorter/thinner hair, and 3-4 pumps for longer hair, massage product into towel-dried, clean hair and into the scalp. Comb hair. Do not rinse. Suitable for all hair types.
Expert tip:
• For an added volume boost, hold hair up at the roots with a brush as you blow dry.

Buy your Advance Techniques hair care range now from my online store – CLICK HERE      

Wellbeing Sunrise Alarm Clock

Wake Up Naturally

This sunrise-mimicking alarm clock helps the body clock by slowly brightening the room .So they wake up energised and refreshed instead of tired and groggy .Gradually brightens over 30 minutes . Plays calming sounds of nature -no nasty ringing or chiming . Built -in rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 120 hours of battery life .Recharge via micro USBcable, included . CLICK HERE TO SHOP   

New & Improved  T-SHIRT BRA 


Our bestselling bra just got even better -True comfort-soft lace wings & brushed , elasticated straps – Smooth fabric invisible under clothes – Moulded cups – for your best ever shape – Available in 34B TO 42F





Avons Argan oil – the ‘liquid gold’ for your hair

Avons Argan oil – The ‘liquid gold’ for your hair

It’s no secret that different hair types require slight changes in their hair care routine. For instance, straight-haired girls often find it necessary to wash their hair every other day because of oil build-up, but curly and kinky-haired girls can get away with washing every two weeks due to how long their natural oils take to navigate the bends and curves in their hair shaft.
However, when it comes to caring for your prized locks there are a variety of steps that are definitely important, no matter what your hair type. Regular washing and conditioning are a must for clean, healthy hair. Deep conditioning is important for softening, nourishing hair and moisturising is essential to keep your hair hydrated. However, one aspect of hair care that is arguably the most important is the use of oils.
How is oil used in haircare products?
Oils appear in virtually every hair product; shampoos, conditioners, leave-in treatments and even heat protect sprays often contain some type of oil – and for good reason! Without the presence of oil, moisture in the hair shaft evaporates from it more quickly…..meaning that your hair gets drier quickly and more often.
Oils help to lock in moisture by providing a layer around the hair that means the moisture evaporates at a much slower rate. Therefore, regardless of any moisturising or deep conditioning that you do, if you don’t follow it up with an oil application you’re working against your hair not with it. Oils nourish hair in a myriad of ways. Different oils often contain different makeups and properties and can even be used to treat skin or hair conditions that you may have.
Some of the most popular oils used in hair care are coconut, olive and castor oil, but there’s one oil that stands out considerably above the rest, being referred to as ‘liquid gold’ by many. This wonder oil is none other than Argan oil.

Argan oil comes from the Argan tree that is found in Morocco. It contains a high amount of fatty acids and vitamin E, making it extremely popular in hair and even skin care.

It can be used to;
moisturise hair,
to give hair shine,
soften hair,
tame frizz
soothe dry/itchy scalps!
With such amazing properties Argan oil is in high demand on the hair product market, but some products usually hold steep price tags that are almost ridiculous. But there’s no need to fear. With Avon’s Advance Techniques 360 Nourish Moroccan Argan Oil Leave-In Treatment, you can experience the amazing benefits of argan oil for a fraction of the price of other high-end products.

The Advance Techniques 360 Nourish Moroccan Argan Oil Leave In –

Is formulated to boost your hair’s health. At only £5.50 in my Avon store, it not only contains argan oil, but also additional doses of vitamin E and vitamin B5 that nourish, strengthen and soften dry and damaged hair. This leave-in is used like any other leave-in conditioner, but far surpasses others in quality. Hair is left shiny and silky, with added body that’s almost weightless. What’s more – it’s great for all hair types! The thicker your hair, the more product you may have to use to cover your strands, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how frizz-free and healthy your hair looks.
The Advance Techniques also soothes and nourishes the scalp, relieving itchy and dry scalp to give your hair a healthy environment for optimal hair growth. This leave-in treatment is great for color-treated and even bleached hair, providing both the moisture and nutrients that it needs to regain its thickness, softness and shine.
In conclusion

– regardless of your hair type and whether it’s experienced extensive damage or not, Argan oil can be the turning point for your hair’s health and look. Avon’s Advance Techniques 360 Nourish Moroccan Argan Oil is proof that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the benefits that you deserve.




Have you Started the Year on a diet –

Have you joined  #slimmingworld #weightwatchers or a Gym!




PORTION LUNCH BOX                                                           CLICK HERE TO SHOP ANY OF THESE ITEMS 

Portion Perfection On The Go

Take the guesswork out of ‘right sizing’ your packed lunch -no weighing or measuring necessary

Balance your portions and manage your calorie intake every day by simply filling the sections in this lunch box as follows

Fill 1/2 the lunch box with crunchy vegetables and fruit 

Maximum nutritional value with minimal calories 

salad, crudites and berries are great choices 

Fill up to 1/4 of the lunch box with carbohydrates

carbohydrates are a source of energy 

ideas include potatoes ,rice, pasta, and bread 

Fill the remaining 1/4 with a palm-sized portion of protein

protein keeps you fuller for longer

choose from meat ,fish, eggs, and vegetarian proteins 

Comes with fork and spoon .Approx. 21cm x 5cm.Food icons show what goes where .Dishwasher safe .Microwave safe.


Take the guesswork out of ‘right sizing’ your  evening meal -no weighing or measuring necessary
Balance your portions and manage your calorie intake every day by simply filling the sections in this meal template 







This clever 1-litre water bottle helps you stay healthily hydrated 

Hourly guide helps you drink your recommended daily intake of water

Screw top lid


Improves complexion

Flushes out toxins

Promotes weight loss Increases energy and relieves fatigue



8 pre-set programmes viewable on the LCD screen 

comes with 2 adjustable neoprene belts to fit different body parts

Uses Electric Pulses to engage muscles 

Arms ,Stomach, Thighs

must be used with a water- based lotion




Weight in kg or stone

Body Fat ,Body Mass ,Muscle Mass , Bone Mass , Body Hydration

Stores  Up To 10 Profiles. Weight Range Up To 28 Stone/178kg







How Avon Supports Breast Cancer Care


Avon Support Lots Of Womens Charitys

Avon fund breast cancer support charity, Breast Friends Northampton
Breast Friends Northampton was awarded £2,280 from the Avon Cosmetics UK Female Empowerment Fund to support people in Northampton living with breast cancer.
The fund is managed and facilitated by Northamptonshire Community Foundation and was set up on International Women’s Day in March 2016. In line with Avon’s commitment to support the causes that matter most to women, the fund’s key priority is to support projects across Northamptonshire that will improve the quality of life for women and girls.

Breast Friends Northampton was established back in June as a platform offering support and advice and a place to relax, share experiences and make friends with others diagnosed with breast cancer.
Funding from Avon enables the group to deliver twelve wellbeing activity days, including wellness walks at various locations across the County. The grant will cover the cost of hiring transport to and from each wellness walk, along with refreshments after the walk, providing the opportunity for members to sit down and talk about their experiences over a cup of coffee.

Leonie Heard, Trustee of Breast Friends Northampton expressed her appreciation of the award, “Breast Friends Northampton would like to say a huge thank you to Avon and the Northamptonshire Community Foundation for providing the funding to enable us to launch the Wellness Walks project. Wellbeing is at the heart of our focus for the charity support group. Providing an opportunity for the members to connect together alongside physical activity will be invaluable not only to their physical but mental and emotional Wellbeing.”
Andrea Slater, General Manager, Avon said of the donation “Avon is proud to continue its support of the local Northamptonshire community through its latest grant to Wellness Walks. This is a very positive project that connects women of all ages through three fundamental health factors – physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. I look forward to hearing about the positive impact to everyone involved and how the walks progress.”


How Avon Cosmetics Started Till The Present Day

How Avon Cosmetics Started Till The Present Day

Avon Cosmetics was once known as the California Perfume Company, back in 1886 when it was founded by David H McConnell. This entrepreneur of his time was mixing the perfumes and giving women the opportunity to earn money for themselves & leading the way for women today. Even today, empowering women is at the forefront of Avon’s philosophy into this globally recognized beauty company.
Mrs Albee the very 1st Avon lady in Avon’s history is still considered a role model that is thought to have created the companies system into distributing the Avon products. Mrs Albee is the pinnacle of what an Avon lady is today. She was 50 years old when she began her role as an Avon lady with David McConnell in the California Perfume Company (CPC) she had 2 children and simply needed to earn extra money. By 1920 The CPC had hit sales of $1 million & in the same year women earned the right to vote. Selling a wider range of products from the Perfumes that CPC began with it now ran a range of Bath and Soap products including food colourings, household cleaners and dental care.
In 1928 David McConnell incorporates the company name Avon that it is now world famous and Iconic for. The Avon name was chosen due to David McConnell’s love of the English play writer William Shakespeare. The Avon name was given to a few of the products throughout the brochure but wasn’t officially changed to the Iconic brand until 19-39. By then Avon had a record number of 11 seal of approvals from the magazine “Good House Keeping” an unprecedented number for one company alone. In the 19-30’s amidst the “Great Depression” McConnell incorporates Sales Prices into his Avon brochure and see’s a 70% increase in sales.
During World War 2 Avon opens up its factory to help the US military by making paratrooper kits, gas masks and pharmaceuticals. Along side that the Avon Representatives began selling War bands to help raise money for the military.
In 1944 Avon moves away from the traditional direct selling plan and introduces a managerial system, were managers were to overlook regions and territories.
By 1948 sales surpass $21 million & soon after the Wild Rose selection of fragrances introduces it’s very 1st Cream Sachet & by 19-53 Avon had it’s very 1st television advertising campaign.
From 1954 to 1967 the tag line “Avon Calling” & it’s iconic “Door Bell” was used. It became the longest running and most successful advertising campaign in history.

Avon’s “Foundation for women” began way back in 1955 being one of the largest corporate-affiliated philanthropy’ campaigns dedicated with helping women’s causes globally.
1957 and Avon had broke through the $100 million in sales mark and at this point in history Avon have a representative sales force of over 100’000 women. And in 2 short years Avon is introduced to the UK.
In 1961 the iconic Skin So Soft was introduced – Skin So Soft has gone on to be the most recognizable Avon product in it’s history.
After 86 years in business and approaching the year 19-72 Avon shows sales reaching the $1 Billion barrier & over 600’000 Avon Representatives world wide. Sales figures double to $2 Billion by 1978 and Avon Representatives reach the 1 Million milestone.
Having introduced the sales of Avon Jewellery a few years earlier Avon boasts over $400’000 in jewellery sales alone, and becoming the largest distributor of costume Jewellery of its time Avon achieved outstanding results yet again.

From 1979 to the mid 80’s Avon purchases Tiffany & Co, but soon sells the company on to re-focus on it’s Avon products and branding. 100 Years of Avon history is now accomplished and in 19-88 the company launches the cosmetics brand “Avon Color” into the Avon brochure.
1989 Avon is the first cosmetics company to introduce a permanent end to animal testing. The Avon ANew Brand is born being the 1st skincare product to introduce AHA Anti-aging technology to the mass market.
Avon UK was the 1st country to introduce the sales of the pink ribbon and the Breast Cancer Crusade was born. The US followed suite just 1 year later.

The Women In Business theme continues throughout the years and in 1999 Andrea Jung is introduced as the first ever female CEO.
The new Millennium. Avon kicks of in 2001 by raising $7 Million for the families of the September 11 terrorist attacks. In 2004 the “Speak out Against Domestic Violence” is launched and focuses on raising awareness, education & the prevention of women in domestic violence.
2007 and Reese Witherspoon is named the Global Ambassador for Avon cosmetics and represents women in business within the company. Reese launches the “Empowerment” campaign and helps raise money and awareness for Avon’s philanthropic causes throughout the company. She has also gone on to have her own perfume within the Avon brochure “In Bloom”.
$10 Billion in sales in 2008 mean that Avon are at the top of their game & in 2009 there are over 6 Million Avon Representatives worldwide.
Hello Green Tomorrow is launched in 2010 & to show Avon’s dedication towards a greener environment & Avon endeavors into a tree planting campaign were they aim to re-plant 2 million trees in the Atlantic rainforest by the end of 2010.
In 2010 Avon inherit “Liz Earles Beauty Co”.
2011 & Avon have a lot to celebrate with 125 years of empowering women in the cosmetics and direct selling industry. 2011 is the year to be a proud part of this amazing company, it will become your family as it has become mine

2016 Avon has a lot to celebrate at 130 years old and going as strong as ever



Brochure 3 Highlights

Brochure 3 Highlights
When you’ve finished browsing the online brochures, you can place your order quickly by shopping by product or product number from my online store.  Please make sure the campaign brochure is still valid, last order date for Campaign 3 is Thursday 11th January and will be delivered to customers From Thursday 18th January

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Some Of Avon’s Best Buys
1 – New Lipsy London Watch  – this  beautiful watch comes with 2 years guarantee and an adjustable strap. you can get your hands on this for just £7.50 with any other purchase in campaign 3  usually £30 … what a brilliant deal

2 – Antler Cabin bag –

this is the perfect bag for any weekend away or to use as hand luggage. It has a luxe patent finish with a front zipper pocket, it also has a fashionable branded plaque and internal zip pockets at  41cm x 30.5cm x 15.5cm in size. You can get this for just £15  normally £70.

3 – The New Salter  3-Tier Food Steamer -This product has 3 steamer compartments plus a rice bowl. It is made from stainless steel and plastic. 400w power and a 7L capacity with a 60 minuet timer. 20cm x 20cm x 38cm in size so will fit perfectly in any kitchen. This is a great product to have ready for the new year if you want to eat healthy this is definitely the way to go. There are many benefits of steaming your food, its super healthy as there is no cooking fat required, it locks in flavour and vitamins into your food and it is a quick mess free solution to cooking. You can get this product for just £24.95.

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Click on Quick Shop, which is on the main menu bar next to Products.
You can then add all your items by entering the product number or scroll down and search for your products.
Checkout and choose your preferred delivery method.
Direct Courier Delivery – You can select from two options:
Standard delivery – Order delivered within 3 to 5 working days from dispatch.
Express delivery  – Orders placed before 1pm (Monday to Friday excluding bank and public holidays) delivered the next working day. All orders placed after 1pm we will endeavour to dispatch within 2 working days
Representative Delivery – After 18th January


Avon and Liverpool Ladies FC take home Partnership of the Year title

Avon and Liverpool Ladies FC take home Partnership of the Year title at this year’s Football Business Awards.

Avon UK and Liverpool Ladies FC (LLFC) cemented their ground-breaking partnership at this year’s Football Business Awards, where they were named Partnership of the Year at the prestigious industry event.

The landmark collaboration beat international and Premier League competition from the likes of FC Barcelona and Beko and Leicester City FC and Betstars to take home the coveted title.

Judges at the Football Business Awards commented: “This is a great partnership, really getting into the heart of the club. An innovative approach to the development of women’s football. Ground breaking. A clear winner in this category.”
In April, Avon announced a landmark moment for women’s football, when it became the first female focused brand in history to partner with a FA Women’s Super League club. Together, Avon and LLFC heralded a new dawn in women’s football, in a deal which saw Avon become the team’s first independent shirt sponsor to that of its male counterpart.
Proving the partnership is more than just a shirt sponsor, last month Avon and LLFC launched ‘I Can Be’. The campaign aims to inspire girls and women to challenge gender stereotypes and achieve their ambitions.
Stephen Rendu, Director of Beauty and Advertising at Avon said: “We are overjoyed to have won the Partnership of the Year award, especially as we were up against some tough competition. Avon is committed to empowering women, and through our partnership with Liverpool Ladies FC, we want to help raise awareness of an important cause to both parties – giving women’s football the spotlight it deserves.”
Billy Hogan, Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer, Liverpool Football Club, said: “We are absolutely delighted that Liverpool Ladies’ partnership with Avon has been recognised as a landmark deal which aims to inspire women and continues to break boundaries for women in sport.”



Introducing our first dual -ended mixable fragrance Eve Duet.

Unleash your sensual and radiant side with Avon Eve Duet

Introducing our first dual -ended mixable fragrance Eve Duet.
This winter, Avon celebrates femininity and uniqueness with the launch of its first dual-ended scent: Avon Eve Duet. Tapping into one of the most prominent fragrance trends of 2017 – mixing and layering fragrances –

Avon Eve Duet is the perfect pair of contrasting perfumes. Where the power is in the user’s hands as to how they layer the scent to create their own unique, feminine signature perfume.
Co-created with International Flavours and Fragrance’s master perfumer Jean-Marc Chaillon .This fragrance celebrates women’s contrasts and contradictions and shows that women are more than just one dimensional. Offering the opportunity to mix the two perfumes to create an infinite number of empowering scent combinations.

One half of this unique fragrance is Sensual, which boasts indulgent notes of Pink Peppercorn, Night Blooming Jasmine, Scarlet Rose and Patchouli .Whilst the other half, Radiance, offers stimulating notes of Juicy Citrus, Apple, Waterlily and Blonde Woods. The perfumes can also be worn independently for a statement scent.

About Eva Mendes

Hollywood Actress Eva Mendes 

Is the new face of the fragrance brand that features a sparkling and vibrant floral fruity scent plus a sensual and addictive woody floral for an infinite number of combinations. Eva is a talented and beautiful woman, widely known for juggling many different roles. From a mother of two to a successful fashion designer and entrepreneur .Eva delights everyone around her with her witty, courageous and sparkling personality.
Eva Mendes comments, “It’s really an honour to collaborate with a company that has understood and respected women for so many years. I love being creative and experimenting with different looks based on my mood, so being able to also express myself freely and celebrate my individuality through a perfume is fun. Scents play a big role in my life and I love trying with different combinations of Sensual and Radiant to reflect my different moods.”

Rebecca Pollard,

Eve Brand Marketing Director at Avon says, “We couldn’t be more delighted to have Eva as the face of Eve Duet, as she embodies everything Avon stands for. We are very proud of partnering with such a talented, inspiring woman to represent our most innovative fragrance so far.”

The Radiant fragrance
Sparkling. Floral. Fruity.          
Uplifting. Effortless. Luminous.
Top notes: Vibrant and sparkling, juicy Sunkissed Clementine and lustrous Apple Blossom. A soft highlight of tender Blackcurrant Bud adds uplifting and enchanting appeal.
Mid notes: At the heart of this fragrance is the ethereal Pink Dawn Water Lily, luminous and transcendent. Blended with the finest
quality Natural Jasmine Absolute and Plush Peach Peony, the floral essence blooms with beauty.
Base notes:

The glowing warmth of Golden Amber exudes elegant radiance. Blissful Blonde Woods veiled in sensuous Skin Musk infuse the fragrance with effortless allure.
The Sensual fragrance
Captivating. Charming. Irresistible.
Addictive. Woody. Floral.
Top notes: Luscious Bergamot Twist and Wild Purple Plum. A spicy nuance of Pink Peppercorn adds an unexpected accent of provocative mystery.
Mid notes: The exquisitely exotic White Dusk Water Lily blossoms with beguiling seduction.

Surrounded by a tantalizing bouquet of Night Blooming Jasmine and Scarlet Rose, the heart exudes mysterious passion.
Base notes: As the fragrance unfolds, sultry Addictive Praline Musk brings luxurious temptation. The hypnotic essence of refined Patchouli Heart LMR and enthralling Cocoa Woods combine for a magnetic trail of irresistible attraction.

Mix them together for a whole new scent, a whole new you

To Sample Click This Link